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Regulated Packaging Materials:
How do you become a successful supplier of regulated packaging compounds? By having a rock-solid commitment to understanding the complexities that drive material development, for today and the future. By creating partnerships that encourage feedback throughout the entire development process: from material selection through manufacturing trials and market testing. And by demonstrating a responsibility to quality that goes beyond "acceptable" and into "extraordinary."

These are the philosophies of success that drive our specialty closure materials development for soft drink, beer, bottled water, juice, and other beverage applications. For over ten years, our compounds - both PVC and PVC-free - have enjoyed proven performance in various applications; offering ultra purity in taste and odor, consistent removal torque values, reliable carbonation retention, and performance on a variety of machine types. Today these materials are shipped to our customers from specialized facilities on two continents; facilities designed specifically to accommodate regulated compound manufacture in segregated areas.

Innovative leadership, reliable supply partners, committed to excellence and focused on quality. We are your global source for regulated packaging compounds.


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